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Peace by the water retreat

Enjoy some time to embrace the beauty and light within You!

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Please email all feedback to peacebythewaterretreat1@gmail.com

Through this we can grow and learn to provide you with the support you need during the retreat.

We welcome both positive and developmental feedback. 


Please take a minute to browse through what has been shared with us from other guests perspective on the retreat. We are so deeply
PAST EXPERIENCES grateful for all of the amazing words and thoughts expressed on this page.

Karen Worrall November 2018

There are no words that can be expressed to explain the importance of taking time for you. I was very nervous to attend because I felt it was a lot of money.BUT when you arrive you are met  by two amazing women Lorraine and Louise who instantly take away any doubts you may have. You are embraced by so much love and compassion it's unbelievable. 

This retreat is definitely an oasis where you are allowed to reflect on yourself with guidance of qualified healers in Reiki, crystal healing and reflexology.

You spend a weekend assessing your inner happiness, serenity and peace. You practice meditation techniques and experience physical relaxation, emotional calmness, balanced energy, and most importantly a sense of a centred well-being. Now I have a calm, clearer sense of myself, knowing I can be who I want to be just because I want to and that is enough. I feel rooted in my body, healthy and really well rested. This is just the tip of this experience. You are in the most magical and relaxing surroundings with a beautiful view of a breathtaking lake and the food that is prepared by Jo-Anne and Evelyn is nothing less than fine dining. Every meal we sat around a beautiful harvest table as a family with table cloths, linen napkins, fine china and always by candlelight. 

When you leave you feel you have made friends for life. When it was time to leave I wanted to hide in a closet so I could stay forever because I thought it would end, but it does not because I have been in touch several times with these ladies. I am truly grateful for this beautiful experience and feel very blessed. There is no price tag anyone should put on the well-being of yourself. This retreat is worth every penny and more. Thank you Louise and Lorraine for giving me the strength to a happier place in life. with much love Karen. 

Sheila Cole June 20, 2018

I am so grateful I was able to experience your retreat. It was exactly what I needed. 

It's changed me and Im loving who I am becoming.....

Thank you for sharing your gifts, your insight and knowledge!

Laura Sequin May 3, 2018

My friend and I have just returned home from our second weekend away at Peace By The Water Retreat.

Words cannot describe how much these weekends have influenced our lives in a very positive way. Both Louise and Lorraine are two amazing ladies who make you feel so welcomed and at ease. From the calm, peaceful setting to the healthy, unbelievably tasty meals created by Jo-Anne, (our kitchen Angel).

This weekend is a must for any of us ladies, who feel they need something to support their journey. The meditations, healing treatments and fun activities make it a lovely place, you never want to leave. Everyone of us experiences a little something different there's group time and alone time. 

For those of us who are overwhelmed/stressed or would just like some girl time, I recommend a few days away at Peace By The Water Retreat!

Lynne Fuller September 2017

If you are searching for a moment of clarity and awakening, then Peace by the Water is for you.  Imagine breaking through your visual wall and discovering a place of awareness; yours. 
Your first impression might be the calm and welcoming environment surrounded by the beauties Mother Nature has to offer; a perfect place to settle into your thoughts and breathe in the stillness. 
The hospitality staff is available to accommodate your needs and make your stay most comfortable.  You will be delighted by the wholesome, nutritional meals prepared by the onsite culinary staff.  All dietary needs are considered.  You will feel at home immediately.
In addition to all of this splendour, you will experience the passionate work of Lorraine and Louise – your healing leaders.  Through their caring touch and guided spirit, your journey to wellness becomes closer and closer each day.  They truly love what they do and you are in good hands. 
Your soul deserves the very best and Peace by the Water awaits your arrival.
Energetically Yours

Beth McKenzie September 2017

Dear Louise and Lorraine.
After spending an incredibly rewarding four days at your September retreat I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both you, for an experience I will never forget and always remember.  Thank you for opening up your beautiful lakeside home and grounds nurturing me as I navigated through my personal journey of discovery.  Meditation time with you, in the early morning sun, on the dock feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, the energy of the water surrounding us and lapping up on the dock occasionally, the smell of the country air, the sounds of nature and the togetherness of our group of incredible ladies was invigorating and liberating. Our other daily meditation times and group sharing in such a "Safe" place that our group created together with your gentle and loving guidance was a highlight of each day.

The  services provided including Reiki, Chakra reading, Life Coaching and even a Medium reading lead me to new experiences and "senses" awakened.

I went with my best friend knowing we were both "on the same page" in life being totally open to new experiences and making new friendships which we did.

Our healthy meals were prepared with such attention to nutrition, variety and detailed presentation including special consideration to those with Vegan or Gluten requests.  Outstanding!!!!

This was the greatest gift I have even given myself and I would encourage anyone reading this to grab your bff and take this opportunity to see your higher self.

Bonnie Smith Bobcaygeon 23/05/2017

Lucky me, to have spent a weekend last month (April) at this lovely retreat centre. This is a very relaxing location on beautiful Sturgeon Lake....Sunrise was my favourite time!

The property and the home have that feeling of deep inspiration and peace just being there.

There was a perfect balance of a variety of healing sessions, free time and together time. Food was very good and I felt right at "home" (without those routine responsibilities that tug at my mind on a regular weekend...)

As I was preparing to leave on Sunday, I was thinking I would like to come back to EVERY 

retreat that Louise has planned!!!

Overall this was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone walking the spiritual path or just looking for answers to their life questions.

Karen Seymour 03/10/2016

I am still feeling the uplifting effects of my weekend retreat at Peace By The Water. This weekend restored my life's purpose. This weekend was fun, loving and peaceful. I was able to bring home many new tools, insights and techniques to keep feeling alive. All the women I met this weekend were wise, kind, and inspiring. The food, grounds and accommodations were top notch. I will never forget this experience and the connection I felt these women, myself and surrounding nature.

Jennifer Rose 26/09/2016

This was the most rejuvenating retreat I've been on. I was basking in the sun and dancing in the moonlight. I left falling in love with myself and taking stock in my skills.I think everyone could benefit from an experience like this. I fed my soul.

Judy Hiegel 16/05/2016

Wow! This past weekend retreat was so amazing! I have never experienced such a profound spiritual awakening. Everyone involved was so loving, kind, understanding, accepting, intuitive, and encouraging. I learned much from all the women presented and feel much more empowered by their personal experiences and gifts. There is something truly remarkable about the bonds that women share. From the laughter to the tears, thank you for a wonderful weekend. It is truly a peaceful sanctuary.....

Amy Therrien 15/05/2016

This was an amazing retreat weekend. The experience was incredible. It was full of love, laughter, emotion and acceptance. It was a pleasure to be with a group of amazing women! It was enlightening in so many ways. I left feeling rejuvenated with a renewed feeling of confidence. Thank you.

Leah Toombs 15/05/2016

I have just experienced a wonderful weekend at Peace By The Water Retreat. This was a weekend of love, laughter, learning, fun, and games. Each of us came away with a feeling of enlightenment, I am sure. The facilities are first class; the meals are outstanding and the ladies who run the retreat are amazing! I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a weekend at this retreat.

Diane Roberts 14/12/2015

I was blessed with the opportunity to experience a weekend at Peace by the Water Retreat in November of this year. It was a life changing experience that gave me clarity, direction and peace of mind. The food was amazing and the home we stayed in was a beautiful, warm and comfortable place with an incredible group of ladies. A truly wonderful experience that everyone should try at least once. I am looking forward to going back again in the spring. Thank you for everything!

Karen Bradie

Peace By The Water Retreat is a wonderful way to rejuvenate both the body and the soul. Highly recommend this to anyone, the experience will not disappoint. Attention to every detail making the weekend more than memorable!

Jo-Anne Cowell McEachran 22/11/2015

Another wonderful retreat with very awesome ladies. Lots of love, laughter, and some tears. Peace By The Water Retreat has given me the strength and confidence to follow the life path that was truly intended for me. Happiness and love is the reward.

Susan MacKenzie Patton 28/09/2015

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies that helped us through this wonderful journey.
Truly a life changing experience.

Jo-Ann Scigliano 27/09/2015

We were welcomed with wide open arms to a strangers home and left feeling we were leaving our family. Thank you for a beautiful experience. I can't wait to return!

Helen Fenton 27/09/2015

Thanks to the wonderful group of women who welcomed us for such an incredible experience at this beautiful retreat!

Amanda Roth | 23/07/2015

I had an absolutely wonderful time at the June Retreat this year along with a great group of ladies! Beautiful accommodations located on a stunning property on Lake Sturgeon, delicious food and a truly eye-opening and inspiring selection of sessions. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made the weekend possible!

Cath Vanderpost | 02/10/2014

Had an amazing time at this retreat! Wonderful and enlightening journey for mind and soul! The ladies were so kind and welcoming. Great friends, food, and experiences.

Bev Horton | 02/03/2014

Thank you so much for your inspiration and energy. I floated home with a feeling of complete contentment and inner peace. I can't say enough about the enlightenment of this day's activities. I look forward to learning more about myself and what the future holds for me. A wonderful experience!

Pia Killen | 02/03/2014

As soon as I walked in I knew that this was a special place. Little did I know how special it would become for me at the end of the day when I walked out. As the day progressed I felt more and more serene and at peace. This day allowed me to further explore who I am and what I can offer. 

I enjoyed sharing in conversations with other like-minded women. We all have so much to share and give. Thank you for a marvelous day!

Carmen | 12/12/2013

Fabulous Retreat- wonderful women. Thank you so much for being there sharing my journey. We all inspire each other and help each other grow.

Lorena | 13/11/2013

I can't thank you enough for an amazing retreat- my eyes, body and spirit feel so open whenever I leave the retreat and I know you offering your home and services to all of us is what makes the retreat so amazing, so again thank you!

Lauren | 11/11/2013

I have had a couple of life breakthroughs now from attending Peace By The Water Retreat. It has brought peace and understanding to my life and created a strong bond between my friends and I. The safe and supportive environment created at this retreat is exceptional and you'll receive useful and practical tools to create real spiritual change in your life. I highly recommend you experience Peace By The Water Retreat for yourself.

Chelsea McLean | 06/11/2013

The two retreats ive been to have been lifechanging. 

whatever your looking for you find it here. 
You leave feeling rejuvenated and enlightened. Its a powerful experience that shows you who you really are and allows you to expand your mind to realms you never thought possible. 

I will carry the lessons learnt from just one weekend with me or the rest of my life.

Everyone should take the time to experience this!!

Natalie | 13/03/2013

The Peace by the water Retreat was the best schooling I have every experienced. I have never felt so connected to my ancestors, the earth, spirit guides and to my fellow goddesses here on earth. I want to say it's life changing but really it is Life Connecting! I am so grateful for all the crones that have passed on their wisdom to us that weekend!

Lindsay Knight | 14/10/2012

I want to thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your retreat. What a beautiful gift. As a practitioner, I found this experience to be life changing.
I am most grateful! I came away from this experience with a deeper understanding of not only the work I do, but a greater awareness of why I do it. Your warmth and your generosity was so very welcoming and lovely!! I celebrate your continued success!!! We met as strangers and now you have become a most treasured friend! Continue to shine in all the beautiful work you do!!